Renovation of formal element - Italian Garden in Chianti
The Art of Landscaping
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The Perfect Garden Landscape Contractor to Create Your Dream Gardens

  • Realizzazione Giardini

    Create the Garden Landscape

    Creating the perfect gardens, parks and country estates can be hit and miss unless you employ a professional landscape contractor. At Dimensione Verde we take the art of landscaping to its highest form and provide our clients with spectacular designs that we carry through on site to build your dream garden. We can take your design brief and create an image of the type of gardens you hope to create, whether you have a requirement for formal European styling, informal cottage gardens with plants tumbling into every available crevice, or hope to create an Oriental-inspired Zen garden. Once our designs are approved, our expert gardeners arrive at your site to build and contour the landscape to your needs.

  • Costruzione Piscine

    Pools, Ponds and Water Features from an Expert Landscape Contractor

    If you plan to combine water features into your landscape, Dimensione Verde can help you meet your goal. We have the technical know how to build and create any water feature, no matter what size or design requirement. Water enhances gardens, whether it's within the formal tranquility of a traditional pool, complete with water lilies and classical statuary, or the flowing waters of artfully-built streams and waterfalls that tumble into pretty pools, situated in secret areas of gardens or parks.

  • Fontane da Giardino

    Maintaining your Landscaped Gardens

    If you require ongoing and regular garden maintenance from Dimensione Verde we can set up timed maintenance visits to ensure your gardens are kept in pristine condition. Our clients are situated throughout Europe and we are happy to provide ongoing support to keep the landscapes we create in tip top condition. No matter what your requirements, Dimensione Verde is a reliable landscape contractor with the vision, drive and expertise to realise all your dreams and turn them into landscape realities to astound and delight onlookers.

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Gardens realization: full service or custom made according to your needs!

Garden Design

We follow the design of parks and gardens from concept to the proposal and planning, up to the execution phase.

Garden Building

From the growth of the plants to their placing, up to the masonry works: We follow all the stages to ensure the best quality on the market.

Garden Maintenance

A garden is a living organism, and whatever its dimension, it requires careful attention to give its best.

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